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We are a creative
digital agency
based in Milan


LN-CC is a progressive retail concept, combining a unique art-based installation store in London and an online platform run with the same attention to detail and forward-thinking approach. This micro themed site was conceived as a floating Christmas gift guide around the Earth, the Moon and Mars.

Tech on focus

We were involved to develop a structure meant to update on a weekly basis to offer a changing product selection to the customer through playful interactions. One of the key strategies was to connect each animation to the relative product page to make it accessible with a click.

This project was developed in a framework-agnostic way so it could perfectly resonate with the current Salesforce-based platform used by LN-CC.

The choice of writing in WebGL with Three.js was made to keep everything reactive, interactive and give it the best performance.



We took charge of the whole brand's content: shooting campaigns, creating editorials, and social media assets. After building a visual identity for Tela, the next step was to completely rethink its website including a shopping experience. We wanted it to have a clean yet unconventional appeal that came more from good taste rather than being too conceptual.