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We are a creative
digital agency
based in Milan


Ironic, worry-free, exuberant: that's how it started in the early seventies. Right from the beginning, Byblos defined a relaxed, cool, cross-kind fashion. We design and develop a new shopping experience for this iconic brand with its high in the 90's.

Byblos is ready to meet its global audience. With an online presence to match its renovated branding, Byblos is now selling across international markets through an efficient backend system based on where 4 Shopify instances merge their data.

In the era of the connected digital consumer, the website brings heritage, company values and brand experiences to life in an immersive and memorable way.



We took charge of the whole brand's content: shooting campaigns, creating editorials, and social media assets. After building a visual identity for Tela, the next step was to completely rethink its website including a shopping experience. We wanted it to have a clean yet unconventional appeal that came more from good taste rather than being too conceptual.