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We are a creative
digital agency
based in Milan

Brand Breeder

Brand Breeder was born as a biodiversity laboratory settled capillary on the Italian territory and focused on developing contemporary Wine and Spirits labels of excellence.

The grid

As a contentful website with a considering amount of sections, we merged an unconventional approach with a structured composition by using a grid whose vertical line anchors to the menu through the navigation flow, creating a different layout for each page.

First born as an inside joke at the studio by considering how experiencing wines during the day or night involve a completely different atmosphere, we ended up developing two different color palettes for the project: one to be experienced during the day while the second one after sunset (CEST based). True story.

Inspired by the doggy-bottle symbol of the logo, we had fun designing a custom and cohesive system of icons to play with on the website for each Brand Breeder's label.



A modern vision. For a timeless idea of contemporary luxury lifestyle.

This has been Agnona since 1953.