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We are a creative
digital agency
based in Milan


A modern vision. For a timeless idea of contemporary luxury lifestyle.

This has been Agnona since 1953.

Project on focus

Editing the homepage to constantly showcase impactful content updates was one of the main requests for this project, as well as a fully-featured e-commerce structure based on Shopify. Our headless solution is based on the synchronisation of Shopify and the CMS Sanity. This allows Agnona to sell online through a multilingual store with multi-pricing options, but with the ease of a single Shopify Advanced backend.

And this headless approach also gave our design team the chance to propose a design and art direction vision without limitations. Animations, page transitions and tailor-made effects combined is what adds a high fashion and luxury touch to the website.

One of Agnona's signatures is the quality of materials, which finds its highest expression through textures and the use of solid colour palettes. To reflect this aspect and help the customer experience, we not only worked on the classical filter research but implemented a "Color Variant" custom feature which allows the user to explore the product palette in a specif way inside the product page too.



Ironic, worry-free, exuberant: that's how it started in the early seventies. Right from the beginning, Byblos defined a relaxed, cool, cross-kind fashion. We design and develop a new shopping experience for this iconic brand with its high in the 90's.