Making relaxed tailoring a mission.


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Making relaxed tailoring a mission.


ecommerce, production, branding2020-2023digital partner, art direction

Italian made and truly relaxed. Tela takes its name from the traditional weaving technique, embodying the label's timeless and essential style. Like the weave, Tela’s minimalist collections are both contemporary and classic, defined by simplicity and versatility and always with women at the fore.

Like a fabric that can be dyed, printed, faded, torn or tailored for a quintessential look. We’re proud to partner with Tela on the brand’s creative assets and content production, as well as their digital presence via website and owned social.


We wanted an approachable, intuitive site and ecommerce experience with cutting-edge design, catchy animations and interactions that look and feel effortless.

The archive page is an evolution of the desire for a clean, canvas-like space, with the spontaneity of a moodboard and none of the mess. It had to be responsive, with a polished yet unconventional appeal that avoids being overly conceptual or fussy.

For us, the challenge was to create a fluid, almost tactile experience that matched the brand’s own language and tone. Because Tela calls itself a “relaxed tailoring” house, we shaped a fun, intuitive experience by finding different and interactive ways for users to explore their ethos and collections. 

Making relaxed tailoring a mission.


We work closely with Tela each season to set the visual creative direction, visual guidelines and produce all the brand’s corporate and emotional content. Everything from product photography, app and ecommerce to campaign, editorials and special projects, for a combination of photos, videos and graphics.