Culture: They share, you wear.


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Culture: They share, you wear.


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Sneakers are more than footwear. They are a manifesto of style and personality, inseparable from culture, social phenomena and artistic expression.

Culture is the innovative app making hype sneakers accessible through exclusive sneaker rental online.

We’re into sneakers. Embracing the spirit of this fashion icon, we aimed to create a comprehensive, business-ready solution. We started by defining Culture’s core values to shape a strong brand identity.

In addition to the app, we have developed all digital and non-digital assets for Culture, including the logo, brand kit, publication on various app stores, social media guidelines, as well as labels and packaging. Furthermore, we have created brand content consisting of video and photo materials to enhance their communication strategies."


We played a pivotal role in the development and success of the Culture app, starting from designing the user flow and UX maps. Through thorough user testing, we refined the user experience, ensuring an intuitive and engaging app. Culture achieved 20,000 downloads in just three day and dominated the shopping category ranking on the Italian App Store for a week.

We handled the entire publishing process on the app store platforms, ensuring the app was available to the public as soon as possible. Additionally, we developed a custom document verification system to ensure the security and reliability of transactions. Integration with Klaviyo and Stripe for payments made the app even more functional and convenient for users.

To effectively manage the Order Management System (OMS), we customized a version of Strapi CMS, tailoring it to Culture's specific needs. Furthermore, we created a landing page integrated with Klaviyo and an online shop, offering users a seamless and consistent experience across all platforms.


We translated this into the design and development of a user-friendly iOS and Android app, producing engaging photography and video abstracts for app and social media use.