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What better way to celebrate Christmas than by crafting your very own unique crazy coolest Christmas tree?

This is exactly what we wanted to do with our latest digital project, using artificial intelligence to generate all the content of the experience: from test questions to incredible Christmas trees to the craziest decorations. An experiment that we wanted to give our aesthetic taste but also a good dose of fun and madness.

By answering a Christmas questionnaire, the user is assigned a tree that reflects their style and personality. To decorate it, users have a wide range of options to choose from: from not-so-classic balls in traditional colours like red and green to extravagant balls like an egg or a spaceship. Artificial intelligence-generated toppers include options such as a star or an angel, but also bizarre options such as some sort of 1950s soubrette or a vaguely phallic shaped candy.

Christmas Trees be saved and shared with loved ones with a message, helping to increase the festive spirit and spread strange laughter with everyone around us.

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