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We are a creative
digital agency
based in Milan


We have a thing for talented, emerging brands like NIDO. We built up their visual identity through a neat website and a wide range of both technical and editorial contents. Essential yet sophisticated lines merge into a beautiful but overall functional product with no fear of colors: this is NIDO and how we translated it.


Art Direction, Production, E-commerce

"A bag is a safe spot for what's essential and personal as it tells a lot of its owner, no matter how big or small. For this reason, putting your hands into someone’s bag implies you should ask permission as you might find intimate and personal secrets inside"

Every visual concept developed was conceived to resonate with the sensorial textures of the product: buttery leather, vinyl finishes and the glossy handle. Fancy and unexpected elements are always present, yet not overwhelming.


Vice - Old Blue Last Beer

The international magazine focused on lifestyle, arts and culture behind this name made a beer. That's right. Our friends at called us to take charge of the development of this e-commerce platform.